personnel-consulting company

Our top priority for us has always been and always will be the SATISFACTION OF OUR CUSTOMER.

Our personnel-consulting company PELIAS s.r.o. operates throughout Slovakia and the Czech Republic and is proud of a portfolio of diverse clients and dozens of satisfied employees throughout Europe.

Our professional consultants will help you solve the questions in the field of lean, continuous improvement or crisis management, our personnel department will solve all your requirements in the field of human resources.

Based on the knowledge of the environment and the real clients‘ needs we can offer you professionalism, flexibility, reliability and our ability to adapt to any changes.

At the same time, we try to anticipate the needs of our clients and develop long-term partnerships with both our clients and our candidates.


The customer stands at the beginning and at the end of each process. And just as we constantly try to work on ourselves and get better, so we do try to do the same for our customers. We primarily want to satisfy the needs of our clients as best we can.

We are experts in methodology and offer a unique combination of technical, humanistic and human resources knowledge and procedures. We keep looking for perfection, saving time and productivity. We increase the quality, efficiency and returnability of your investment. At the same time, we put a huge emphasis on high qualification of our employees and we offer complete services.

More and more companies are beginning to implement the principles of lean manufacturing. Logically, because every company always and under all circumstances will appreciate the returnability of their investment and overall profitability.

How much would your company save a year if each employee had extra 10 minutes a day? And where to find those qualified workers? Right here with us.


Our top priority for us has always been and always will be the SATISFACTION OF OUR CUSTOMER.

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